The Panopticon Dinner

 The building circular—the cells occupying the circumference—the keepers, &c.—the centre—an intermediate annular well all the way up, crowned by a sky-light usually open, [...] —the cells, laid open to it by an iron grating. […] By blinds and other contrivances, the keeper concealed from the observation of the prisoners, unless where he thinks fit to show himself.


— Jeremy Bentham

The „Panopticon Dinner“ will take place at the one of Europe’s most renowned institutions for contemporary and digital arts, the ZKM Center for Art and Media. In this extraordinary event, you will have the chance to dine in a futuristic interpretation of Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon prison. Together with media artist Daniel Heiss, we created a technologically elaborate installation, reimagining the concept of a prison with no visible guards. You will be offered a delicious vegan buffet, based on „Prison Cooking - A Collection of Utilitarian Recipes“, a cookbook that Bentham himself devised. We hope you will have a very special and enjoyable evening!

The ZKM center for Art and Media houses two museums, three research institutes as well as a media center. We recommend taking some time to visit the free exhibition “Open Codes – Living in Digital Worlds”. We organised two parallel guided tours in English on Thursday at 17:30 for you.

The Dinner will start after the keynote lecture by William MacAskill, which will also take place at the ZKM. The lecture is from 19.00H till 20.00H, the dinner begins with drinks at around 20.15H.

How to get to the ZKM

This is a picture of building in which the ZKM is located. The entrence to the ZKM is in the middle of the building.
This is a picture of building in which the ZKM is located. The entrence to the ZKM is in the middle of the building.

Our student assistants will organise groups for the transit from the university to the ZKM. They will leave at 16.00H, 16.30H and 17.00H from the main building (registration room). They will provide you with tram tickets. The guided tours of the Open Codes exhibition take place at 17.30H.


The ZKM is easy to reach by tram on your own too:

You first need to make your way to station Europaplatz. From Europaplatz, you should take line 2 direction 'Wolfartsweier'. The ZKM has its own stop.

To get to Europaplatz from KIT (station Kronenplatz only, as KIT/Durlacher Tor is closed on Thursday for building works), or from the main square (Marktplatz), take any westbound line. These are:

  • 1, direction 'Oberreut'
  • S1 or S11, direction 'Hochstetten'
  • 5, direction 'Rheinhafen'.
  • S5, S51, S52, direction 'Wörth' or 'Germersheim'

You can't go wrong - all lines on these stops are westbound if you enter on the Northern side of the tram line, i.e. the side on which there is the Karlsruhe Palace. Europaplatz has two stops, but line 2 stops on both.

Tram tickets are available at ticket machines inside the tram. Press the blue button 'Karlsruhe', then 'Erwachsene' (adults) and pay 2,50E in coins or by card.

A taxi from the city centre will cost you about 10-15 Euros.

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