Last-Minute Changes

On this page, we will list any last-minute changes which did not make it into the programme booklet.

Last update: July 25, 07.00H


------ CANCELLATIONS -----



Daisue Arie (14.00H, room E)

Marco Guidi (14.00H, room C)
Andrew Gustafson (16.00, room A)



Jan Gertken (in the panel on consequentialism)



Tomas Zuradzki (9.00H, room B)

Kochi Tajibana (9.45H, room A)

Martin Hähnel (11.00H, room E)
Kevin Baum (11.00H, room D)
Kevin Baum and Timo Speith (14.00H, room G)

Peter Weibel (14.45H, room C)



----- OTHER CHANGES -----



  • Slots 7 and 8: Wendy Donner and Chris Macleod swap rooms with Piero Tarantino. The former will be in room C, the latter in room D.
  • Scott Forschler's talk moves from Wednesday, room G, 11.45H to Thursday, room B, 14.00H.