Getting around in Karlsruhe

There are many ways to get around in Karlsruhe once you have arrived: There are buses and trams from the public transportation, you may rent a bicycle or take a taxi. But many destinations are in walking distance - almost all of the hotels we recommend are 10-20 minutes' walk away from the conference venue.

Unfortunately Karlsruhe is building an underground train system at the moment which means frequent changes to some routes of the public transportation and a few building sites around town.

Public transportation: trams & buses (KVV)

Karlsruhe has a very good tram system, at least in the centre of town. It is provided by the local public transportation called "Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund" (KVV).


The quickest way to get to the main conference building (which is located on the KIT campus, building 10.81) from the main train station (Karlsruhe Hbf), is by taking the tram 2 in the direction "Wolfartsweier." The tram stop which is closest to the conference venue is “Durlacher Tor/KIT-Campus Süd” (which is closed from Thursday, however), but "Kronenplatz" is just around the corner too. The conference building is in walking distance from both stations (200m/500m). There are other trams that will take you to the “Durlacher Tor/KIT Campus Süd” station, such as S4, S7, S8 and 4 – but you would have to be mindful about the right direction.


The building where the summer school will take place (building 30.28, map) is also located on the KIT campus. So both of the above stations are suitable, but Kronenplatz is marginally closer.


To reach the city palace, the "Schloss", where the public lecture by Dieter Birnbacher will take place on Monday, it is best to take the Trams 1, S2, 4, S5, S1, S11,  and leave the tram at "Marktplatz" station, the main square (so be sure to check if the tram you are entering stops there, it is usually displayed on the tram itself, on the front and side, and always displayed at the stops). From the Marktplatz station the palace can be reached in less than 5 minutes on foot. KIT is also in walking distance.


"ZKM" is the name of the other important station for the conference, as this is where the dinner and the Keynote by William MacAskill will take place. Only tram 2 stops there. From the stations "Durlacher Tor" or "Kronenplatz", take tram 2 in direction "Siemensallee". If you are not going to the ZKM straight from the conference, make your way back to either of these stations, or to "Europaplatz" where you should take tram 2 in the opposite direction, i.e. "Wolfartsweier". It would take easily 30 minutes to walk to the ZKM from the city centre.

Tickets for local public transportation (KVV)

If you are within city limits, a ticket for 2 zones (Honeycombs - 'Waben' in local dialect) will suffice and costs 2,50€. The ticket is valid for 90 minutess in one direction (allowing tram change, but not change in direction ; ). Tickets have to be validated in the train. There are tickets machines inside of the trains too. The instructions are in German only - choose the top left option (blue, adult ticket) and then press 'Bezahlen'. The machines do not take notes, but they do take cards.


Another option is a daily ticket which is 6,40€ per person (three Waben) and is valid until 6 am the day after. 


Here you find links to some additional information:


Germany does not have Uber. Taxi rates are quite expensive. If that does not bother you, taxis are almost always available in front of the Karlsruhe main station (Karlsruhe Hbf Vorplatz). A taxi to the city centre will cost about 10€, and not more than 20€ from the city centre to the ZKM.


Karlsruhe is a very bicycle friendly city, and one of the best ways to explore it is on a bicycle. You can rent a bicycle by the local bike sharing company Fächerrad.